Yokogawa Releases Energy Performance Software

September 5, 2014 By Karen Henry

yokogawa-software-energy-manageYokogawa Electric, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, has announced it will release its Energy Performance Analytics (EP-Analytics) software in November. The software uses energy performance indicators to track how energy is being consumed in a plant, identifies gaps between energy performance targets and actual performance and helps to identify countermeasures to improve energy performance. The EP-Analytics software is powered by Visual MESA energy management optimization technology.

The EP-Analytics software runs on a workstation that is connected via an OPC interface to the control system, giving it access to pressure, temperature, flow rate, and other plant data. The software calculates how much energy is being consumed by turbines, boilers and other plant systems and equipment. It also calculates the mass balance of the steam and other forms of energy that are supplied to the production processes to quantify energy losses and other imbalances in the overall system.

EP-Analytics supports ISO 50001 methodologies such as the PDCA cycle as well as activities such as management reviews.

Because it uses the same energy calculation engine as Visual MESA, customers can upgrade from EP-Analytics to Visual MESA, which is capable of optimizing a plant’s power consumption in real-time.

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