ZBB Unveils EMS for C&I Buildings

May 29, 2015 By Karen Henry

ZBB logo Energy ManageZBB Energy has introduced the Matrix Energy Management System, an energy synchronization system that enables a reduction in the cost of electricity and increases the financial returns of building distributed generation systems.

The Matrix system enables commercial and industrial (C&I) building owners to monetize as many energy management functions and applications as possible by actively synchronizing all energy and communication inputs and outputs: AC, DC; energy storage systems; PV; the grid; DC lighting; diesel gen-sets; fuel cells; building level wind turbines; data logging and analysis; PV optimizer data; and weather forecast data.

The conventional approach to design of a commercial building distributed generation energy management system is to reactively control all DC and AC inputs off of an AC-Bus. A newer approach is to reactively control with a central system controller off of the system DC-Bus. The Matrix features distributed intelligence and active controlling from the DC-Bus without the need for a central system controller.

The Matrix Energy Management System will begin shipping in the fourth quarter of this year.

Earlier this year, ZBB Energy introduced its zinc bromide flow battery for energy storage applications in the C&I building market.

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