ZigBee 3.0 Prepares for Internet of Things

November 20, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

zigbee energy manageThe ZigBee Alliance unified its wireless standards to create ZigBee 3.0 as a single, open, wireless standard for devices.

The ZigBee 3.0 standard enables communication and interoperability among devices for connected lighting, energy efficiency and other markets. All device types, commands, and functionality defined in current ZigBee PRO-based standards are available to developers in the new standard.

ZigBee 3.0 is based on IEEE 802.15.4, which operates at 2.4 GHz (a frequency available for use around the world). ZigBee 3.0 uses ZigBee PRO networking to enable reliable communication in the smallest, lowest-power devices.

ZigBee 3.0 is currently undergoing testing. Many Alliance members including The Kroger Co., Legrand, NXP, Philips, Schneider Electric, Silicon Labs, Texas Instruments, Wincor Nixdorf and V-Mark have been actively involved in the development and testing process. The draft standard is available to members of the ZigBee Alliance now and is expected to be ratified in Q4 2015.

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