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The Dangers of Smart Meters

smart meter energy manageAlmost nobody will like smart meters if they have a tendency to blow up.

That sounds unlikely, but it could happen, according to a researcher. At the 33rd Chaos Communications Congress last month in Hamburg, Germany, researcher Netanel Rubin said that such an outcome is possible, according to PC Authority.

Indeed, Rubin said that poor encryption and protocols make it easy for a cracker (a malevolent hacker; hacker actually is a neutral term) to take over the device and command it to overheat and explode.

The story says that experts in the audience accused Rubin of scaremongering. However, it points to links that suggests that smart meters indeed did explode in Sacramento in 2015. The cause was a power surge that resulted from a truck ramming a utility pole. Though cracking was not involved, the story suggests that smart meters have the potential of exploding.

The use of smart meters brings other threats. Though less dramatic, the linking of homes, apartments, businesses and other facilities via smart meters creates the possibility of theft of data. Writing at Industry Today, Ronald Hermans, the Product Manager for Connexo Insights & Alliances at Honeywell, laid out the challenge:

Some of the threats to meters include the potential to reverse engineer communications that occur between the meter and the utility, modifying the meter software or communication so that it reports incorrect energy usage, or the threat of having a meter remotely disconnected by someone other than the utility. From a security point of view, any of the above threats are equal in severity. There is no more or less, a company is either secure or not. They should be prepared to take measures – at any level and against any threat.

If anything, the story underestimates the risk. One of the gravest threats to the Internet emerged during the second half of 2016. Crackers began creating botnets (legions of computing devices commandeered by malware) from Internet of Things- (IoT) connected consumer gear. These botnets are used in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks in which an organization’s servers are bombarded with so much traffic that they buckle and can’t be used. Poorly secured smart meters could be used for such purposes.

EE Times Europe offers a deep dive on smart meter cryptography. The bottom line is that the dangers of smart meters are real. Utilities and the ecosystem that creates these devices must take steps. And energy managers must be aware of those dangers.

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4 thoughts on “The Dangers of Smart Meters

  1. You never want 1 of these damn devices, TPB have weaponized Electricity or frequencies that travel thru ur wiring by sine wave tech & or PLC, cant sleep, wake dizzy & brain dead, memory loss, cognitive loss-urBEing fried

  2. PetesFarm comment is exactly correct, & it’s even worse than that.

    Not only do these EM Frequencies slow-kill the body, break the blood-brain barrier, suppress your immune system, cause hypoperfusion (lack of blood flow/oxygen to the brain, heart, etc.; hence cognition, memory problems, even dementia; cardiac problems, lung/breathing problems, etc.), plus a host of other things, but they literally are vibrating/oscillating every cell in the body, polarizing & depolarizing them, ie, the frequencies are “INDUCING CURRENT” (amps) in the body, which is ELECTROCUTION. MANY of us can literally FEEL this electrocuting torture of the 24/7/365 non-stop SmartGrid/SmartMeter frequencies.

    These utility bastards will eventually be “sued to extinction” for their evil & stealth implementation of a technology NEVER TESTED FOR HUMAN (nor animal) SAFETY.

    The FCC is not made up of scientists, researchers, & medical personnel, but of PAPER-PUSHING BUREAUCRATS & TECH/TELCOM INSIDERS. They don’t give a hoot re human health but only the almighty dollar (see the July 2016 press conference by Telcom-Lobby-Puppet Tom Wheeler, who Obama made FCC chairman. He literally said they “cannot wait” for studies to decide if the even-stronger 5th Generation (5G) frequencies are “safe.”

    Not only are these EM RADIATION FREQUENCIES oscillating every cell in the body (humans & pets/animals), they are also oscillating inanimate materials, ie, BUILDING INFRASTRUCTURE, at atomic & molecular levels at 1.8 BILLION TIMES PER MEASURABLE SECOND (900 MHz x 2), causing entire buildings, houses, etc. to VIBRATE. Your floors, your plumbing, your walls, your furniture, your bed (+your body, your head/brain/eyes, your internal organs, etc., already mentioned) will be vibrated TO DEATH & YES YOU CAN FEEL the building vibrating, too.

    It can be especially bad if you have underground power-lines &/or underground electric-meter-pipes, underground plumbing, etc. All metal & wiring is a “magnet” for the PULSED-MICROWAVE RADIATION of the NotSmart-NowDeathGrid which treats said metal as OSCILLATING ANTENNAS.

    Therefore, if you get or already have a Smart Meter, PREPARE TO SLOWLY-DIE-via-ELECTROCUTION –OR– “SUE THE BASTARDS” ASAP! Yes, it’s THAT BAD! They need to be STOPPED!

    For an excellent site (where I was finally able to learn the TECHNICAL REASONS for what had already been going on here for months, the vibrations of building & body/internally, etc.), see

  3. trouble sleeping- wake up supper hot no fever. then I will wake up cold! is this caused by the e meter that is just outside of my bed room?

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