How Wind Is Used to Light Texas Cities

Wind energy is ideal for flying kites and sailing a boat, so why not powering a home?  In today’s alternative energy climate, wind power is growing substantially, particularly in states like Texas.  The open landscape and winds coming off the Gulf are particularly helpful for a wind energy paradigm.  While solar farms are sprouting up throughout the US, wind farms are also increasingly being funded and as the technology has improved, wind energy is a viable form of green energy.

Texas Wind Power

Texas has a good supply of wind flow.  This makes wind an excellent source of renewable energy.  The kinetic energy of wind when flowing through turbines is transformed into electricity by the turbine’s generator.  This electricity can then be used for fulfilling both commercial and household electricity needs.  Transforming wind energy into useful electricity is an important green energy solution.  While Texas has been historically oil rich, it is also rich in wind and sun making it an excellent landscape for a more sustainable energy future.


Turbines are required to transfer wind energy into electricity.  As the wind turns the blades of the turbine, a shaft hooked up to a generator also turns.  Simplistically speaking—though the process is rather simple—electricity is made and harnessed.  There are increasingly more styles and sizes when it comes to wind turbines.  Typically turbines feature either a horizontal axis or vertical axis, but after that, the styles of models can alter significantly.  Recently, many Texas wind farms have begun to install larger turbines as more and more wind energy is in demand and as technical advances have improved to create these large-scale turbines.

Wind Farms

Wind farms can include hundreds of turbines working together to generate massive amounts of electricity.  Texas has many large wind farms including the Roscoe Wind Farm, Desert Sky Wind Farm, Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center, Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm, Sweetwater Wind Farm, and many more scattered throughout the state and particularly near major wind resource areas like the mountain passes of the Trans-Pecos or along the Gulf of Mexico.  Texas also has many small wind farms working to produce electricity.  In 2012 nearly 10% of the state’s electricity came from wind energy.  This figure is expected to rise as new wind energy projects are completed and others begun.

Benefits of Wind Energy in Texas

As a green energy, wind is an excellent resource for many parts of the world.  It will certainly help keep Texas a greener state over time, but it is also generating many new jobs—thousands of new jobs.  The viability of wind power in states like Texas is also driving the push for better infrastructures and grids that can effectively accommodate this green energy resource as well as other forms of renewable energy.  Electricity derived from wind power is also a sustainable way to make usable energy.  Texas has been one of the nation’s leading centers for wind power and its success there is inspiring other states and nations to follow suit.

Jean Linder is a biologist in her county. She loves to share her tips and findings on energy related blogs. Find out more about Ambit Energy services, visit the Lancaster Electricity link.

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