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4% Reduction in Energy Consumption, Year 2, Petco Animal Supplies, Inc.

What the Judges Said…

“This software platform can generate energy and environmental reduction with minimal upfront costs. It showed excellent reduction results in a very short period of time.”

Petco’s energy management team partnered with EcoEnergy Insights to implement an analytics-driven energy management service across its pet store network in the United States. The objective of this four-year project is achieving 8% operational energy savings at an enterprise level while maintaining customer experience and pet comfort inside the stores.

To achieve this, EcoEnergy Insights deployed meters and devices for data collection and control, a proprietary data analytics platform, a centralized service desk to support stores, remote diagnostics and technical support for field visit avoidance, and proactive monitoring and problem management to improve first call resolutions.

EcoEnergy Insights says it took a phased approach for the retailer across the 1,500 stores. EcoEnergy Insights started by standardizing the Petco operating environment and implementing controls-based saving strategies. Subsequently, data collection from existing building management systems was enabled through EcoEnergy Insights’ Big Data Analytics Platform, which processes data to identify energy savings strategies as well as any deviations happening in asset operations throughout Petco’s estate. The platform autocorrects many frequently occurring high-impact deviations, EcoEnergy Insights says. EcoEnergy Insights’ Energy Operations Center 24/7 team resolves most of other deviations remotely. Chronic asset efficiency or breakdown related issues are dispatched through Petco field service partners.

The project leveraged the existing BMS, which meant that the only upfront investment for Petco was the procurement of a few servers to enable local data collection. The project was cash positive from the beginning because the service fee gets recovered through gain-share of savings delivered during the program, EcoEnergy Insights explained.

The analytics platform collects and carries out analytics with 100 – 150 points for every store, including HVAC status and modes of operation, temperature values for zones in-store, supply air temperature, return air temperature, internal humidity, outside air temperature, outside lux level, active alarms lighting status for internal and external lights, and store occupancy status from security alarm systems. In addition, data is integrated from external sources like weather feeds, maintenance management, and billing management systems.

Petco saved more than 17.4 million kilowatt hours over a period of 19 months. The project has standardized the way Petco stores manage energy and implemented deep HVAC and lighting controls-based saving strategies. Petco now has visibility into thermal compliance for store operations in addition to cost savings. The monitoring and management of thermal compliance has led to overall thermal compliance levels exceeding 92%, EcoEnergy Insights says. The level of compliance has been improving steadily because the program added central visibility that was not available before.

The program achieved cumulative electricity savings of 4% in its second year with the current month trending close to 6.5%, and has scaled to 1,500-plus stores of Petco spread across more than 20.19 million square feet.

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