National Gypsum Uses Cogeneration Unit at Manufacturing Plant

National Gypsum Company opened a combined heat and power – CHP or cogeneration – project at its Burlington, NJ, facility. The project produces 3.4 MW of clean electricity and delivers more than 30 MMBtu of thermal energy each hour of operation, resulting in an overall efficiency of greater than 90 percent.

National Gypsum installed Recycled Energy Development’s cogeneration system.

The cogeneration system provides power and thermal energy to NGC’s wallboard production facility by capturing the excess heat that is a natural byproduct of the gas turbine’s combustion and utilizing it within the manufacturer’s board dryer in order to dry wallboard.

The project benefitted from a $1.3-million competitive grant administered by New Jersey’s Economic Development Authority and Board of Public Utilities.

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One thought on “National Gypsum Uses Cogeneration Unit at Manufacturing Plant

  1. It’s great to see things like cogeneration where waste heat is used, increasing the efficiency of electricity generatoin and reducing CO2 outputs.

    However, the electricity produced by cogeneration units is not “clean”. “Clean” would entail no net CO2 release. In a reputable website like this, sloppy ‘greenwash’ or overstating from companies putting puff pieces in should not occur.
    Great, let the company say that the electricity is “cleaner” or “less polluting”, but it should make it clear how much CO2, or how much less CO2 its new process produces and why. But EMT should not allow it to publish in EMT a lazy and misleading claim to “clean” energy. The proviso may be that the company is claiming that all of the gas was already going to be burned for process heat and that the cogeneration is actually an entirely CO2 neutral side product which offsets grid generated electricity. But if that’s the case it would be proper for the claim to be made and explained.

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