NetMeters Aim for 20% Energy Reduction

Z3 Controls’ NetMeter family of energy management products is specifically designed for industrial and commercial energy users to achieve energy reduction targets of 20 percent or more.

The family of NetMeters measures power consumption as well as many other electrical parameters such as reactive power, apparent power, total accumulated energy, fundamental accumulated energy, RMS current and voltage, power factor and phase angle.

The built-in Web server provides real-time graphical and numerical data to the user and is compatible with any standards-compliant Web browser including Firefox, Internet Explorer 9, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. No special software, hardware, or license fees are required.

The built-in application provides years’ worth of energy data storage and the ability to interactively view and compare historical energy consumption data. For technical users, the advanced data-logger capability allows any or all of 53 different measurements to be stored at user selectable time intervals. The data may be viewed or downloaded in several formats including Comma Separated Values (CSV) for importation into spreadsheet software.

Also available is the dashboard builder to help manage multiple NetMeters and NetMeter Widgets. NetMeter enables an organization to monitor its energy use on smart phones, laptops, and tablets.

Z3 Controls’ NetMeters are DIN rail mounted modules that connect to single, split, or 3-phase systems via the voltage inputs and current inputs (using current transformers). A standard Ethernet jack for communications is built into the module.

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9 thoughts on “NetMeters Aim for 20% Energy Reduction

  1. “specifically designed for industrial and commercial energy users to achieve energy reduction targets of 20 percent or more.” – what does this mean? How can metering be specifically designed around a savings target? There’s a need for more objective and informative reporting of metering/monitoring tools – the market’s getting flooded with products and consumers are confused – sorry to be a moaner, but this kind of article is part of the problem.

  2. I also agree with the above-listed comment that Meters or non-human technologies do NOT set a Policy Goal of 20% reduction in energy use at a facility/building, but rather by a Policy Maker and/or an Energy Manager

  3. The Netmeter can be used in a myriad of apps which include commercial, industrial, multi res/high rise, institutional markets. Its an advanced cost effective unit that helps reduce energy consumption and costs also helping to reduce carbon footprint. Builtin datalogging and websetver capabilities make the Netmeter an effective device for energy management (also able to.measure 53 electrical parameters and customizable). More info on it at http://www.z3controls. Com. Although there are similar products I believe the Netmeter is a cut above. Do some more research on it. You won’t be disappointed.

  4. I think that it is obvious that there is no magic here, the product will make data available that will allow users to implement plans to reduce 20% of more of their energy consumption. If we have to spell everything out in detail we’ll need a few more pages which are not allowed…so pls try, as hard as it may be, to read a little between the lines.

  5. As the old saying goes: ” We cannot manage what we cannot measure.” And that is where say 20% might come from through efficiency energy management and culture change of departments with real ( not calculate) data.

  6. It is people and process that deliver energy reductions.

    Sub-meters are enablers and not the drivers of these building performance optimization processes.

    From personal experience, Z3 Controls NetMeter product offers a cost effective and innovative way to provide measurement/verification through sub-metering to support an already existing data-driven building performance optimization processes .
    Such processes are generally anchored by systematic analysis and diagnostics of already existing energy data.

    Strategic application of the Z3 Control’s NetMeter will complement such existing processes. The process in combination with sub-metering, is proving to deliver the order of magnitude of savings claimed by the article.

    The Z3 Controls NetMeter’s most helpful feature is that it allows ready access and presents real-time data in a manner ready for analysis and diagnosis. Human effort is not wasted on acquiring and tranposing sub-metered data to a more easily interpretable graphical display. The NetMeter has the required features and costs significantly less than any sub-metering system, with such desired capabilities that I am aware of.

  7. I agree with most of the comments above. Data collection alone does not reduce energy consumption. Better housekeeping, better process, and better management of wastage is the way to reduce consumption.
    At GCI we work with many companies both large and small to help reduce their consumption, logging data will NOT reduce consumption alone.
    There are software packages which go further than just logging, which we use with our clients, which set targets and profiles and highlight inefficiencies, in processes and housekeeping to help reduce consumption.
    From what I can see the software we use goes much further than what NetMeters does. And is probably cheaper as well.

  8. Obviously your service is most likely in direct competition with the Z3 line of products, especially the NetMeter. From the high adoption rate, proven savings and customer feedback I would beg to differ. Do some research on Z3 and what they have done, as I mentioned above to others and you will see just how cost effective the NetMeter can be.

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