Bractlet Bractlet Energy to Profits Platform

“This looks like a very strong, data-driven EMS.”
–Energy Manager Today Awards judge

Bractlet’s proprietary hardware and software platform allows building owners to find, forecast, and verify the energy consumption of building retrofits with detail and accuracy. The Bractlet Data Collection System, complete with wireless Bractlet Power Meters and Bractlet Gateways, is installed to collect millions of equipment level data points and detailed operational information from equipment, and sends it securely to Bractlet servers. Using a physics-based model, Bractlet creates a building simulation factoring in thousands of variables and trillions of interactions including the needs of building occupants, interactions of internal systems, and the building’s relationship with the environment. This decision-making tool results in reduced energy costs between 20 percent and 50 percent annually, the company says. Bractlet’s cloud based platform then delivers a customized dashboard to keep key stakeholders informed of energy conservation measures throughout the life of the project.

Bractlet’s platform is currently reducing customer’s energy costs by an average of 33%, amounting to over $1.8 million in savings for over 20 customers in commercial office buildings, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and universities. Before Bractlet, a 998,000 square-foot office building in San Francisco, CA, was spending $1.6 million in electricity per year. Through the deployment of Bractlet’s proprietary data collection system and automated creation of a building energy simulation model running 1.2 trillion calculations, 13 savings measures were identified which resulted in a 36% energy reduction, saving the customer $566,000 per year. For another customer with a 381,000 square-foot hospital, Bractlet identified and prioritized 34 savings measures that resulted in savings of $335,000 per year. The building energy simulation model for the hospital was 99.4% accurate in energy consumption predictions, allowing the customer to invest in energy efficiency measures with confidence.

“A lot of systems only monitor HVAC or lighting, whereas this system can monitor a variety of activities and provide real time suggestions and fixes,” said one judge.

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