Baltimore Gas Electric Baltimore Gas Electric Building Tune Up

“A great program that shows the potential for very large savings. I love the initiative in getting medium and small-sized buildings on board with retro-commissioning; they are having a lot of success.”
–Energy Manager Today Awards judge

Baltimore Gas Electric’s (BGE) Retro-commissioning (RCx) program had been running successfully for several years, and was delivering significant savings for the large building segment, but few small and mid-sized buildings engaged with the program. BGE partnered with ICF International (ICF) and FirstFuel Software to improve this situation by using advanced analytics and leveraging customer intelligence to improve their sales process.

The redesigned program, Building Tune-Up, changed the way account representatives present BGE’s RCx programs, providing a more personalized, valuable customer experience and increased energy efficiency, BGE says. The program has demonstrated the importance of using data analytics to develop customer-centric programs that drive real business results.

To make the program truly customer focused, BGE and ICF embedded advanced analytics and intelligence into their sales process by focusing on three key areas:

1. Refining customer targeting: BGE shifted to a model of targeted outreach, leveraging analytics to focus on buildings that were prime candidates for the program. This intelligence produced a narrow target list to focus on, enabling BGE/ICF to selectively market to customers who would actually benefit from participating.

2. Improving customer interaction: BGE provided a short Building Analytics report, with extensive graphics, which enabled property managers to quickly understand the recommended project, associated costs, and expected return on investment.

3. Creating value for trade allies: BGE asked customers to commit to using the trade ally as the preferred vendor for follow-on efficiency projects. The analytics report enabled trade allies to focus their time and be more productive onsite.

Within seven months of launch, the program has been highly effective in engaging customers that had rarely participated in BGEs energy-saving programs.

To date, 49 million kWh in energy savings have been identified, and customers have expressed serious interest in 110 measures worth 7,850,000 kWh in savings. Of the customers who have received personalized energy reports through the program, 76 percent plan to take action to reduce their building’s energy consumption. Project conversion rates have doubled to 49 percent while project completion times have decreased from 12 months to less than 6 months on average.

Perhaps most importantly, survey data shows that customers rate the experience with the Building Tune Up program at an average of 4.5 on a 5.0 scale. This score demonstrates that the re-designed program not only helps BGE achieve its EE/DSM goals more effectively, but also helps them to achieve the larger goal of improving customer satisfaction.

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