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“A great product that is both geared towards energy conservation and cost avoidance, proactively. With a 10.3% reduction and cost savings of more than $11,400 at this particular site, the numbers are impressive.”
–Energy Manager Today Awards judge

The BUENO system at 2 Lyon Park Road – an A-Grade commercial office tower built in 2003 with a total net lettable area (NLA) of 10,000 m2 and a 4.5 NABERS Energy rating – was deployed in mid-October 2015. Throughout the managed service on site, BUENO has identified multiple opportunities resulting in sparks and have worked together with the site team and contractors to rectify a wide range of issues, leading to substantial energy savings and improved tenant conditions.

Since deployment, 38 sparks have been raised by BUENO, out of which 20 have already been resolved. The 38 sparks cover several types of issues and opportunities, and those resolved all resulted in significant energy savings and avoided costs.

Continuous Operation VAV Heaters: Continuous heating calls from two boardroom VAV’s during business hours in the height of summer were identified. The issues have been rectified through elimination of unnecessary operation of two VAV EDH’s.

Lobby AC Control Adjustments: Substantial heating calls from the building’s lobby were identified, resulting in extremely high supply air temperature readings (+40°C). The lobby’s AC setpoint adjustments resulted in a significant decrease in compressor operation. The unit’s compressor run hours dropped by 3-6 hours per day and the early morning supply air temperature dropped from >40°C to 30-35°C.

Inefficient Operation Solar Plant: A lower than expected energy output from one of the site’s solar inverters was identified. The equipment’s peak output was ~ 1.8 kW lower compared to a similar inverter; the issue was flagged in June, 2016. Once the affected inverter was fixed, the difference between the two inverters’ power outputs was eliminated. So far, raw electricity savings of more than 57,000 kWh have been achieved in spite of hotter conditions in 2016, which is equivalent to a 10.3% reduction and cost savings of over $11,400.

“Bueno is using a data management system to identify flaws in a building’s energy operations and then correcting them,” a judge explained. “This seems like a great service and the project submitted definitely benefited from Bueno’s system and assessment.”

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