Refrigeration Battery Works as Energy Storage

200332Axiom Exergy, a provider of energy storage systems for large supermarkets and food distribution facilities, has created the Refrigeration Battery for businesses with high refrigeration loads. The Refrigeration Battery enables facilities to store cooling for later use, thereby transforming their refrigeration systems into large-scale, cloud-connected, smart energy-storage resources.

The Refrigeration Battery shifts up to 40 percent of peak power usage and can provide back-up cooling

When the Refrigeration Battery is discharging, a supermarket’s refrigeration compressors and condensers can be shut down, reducing the facility’s peak demand by up to 40 percent. Additionally, the Refrigeration Battery can provide backup refrigeration for 6-12 hours, protecting supermarkets from business interruption risk and food spoilage costs caused by power outages.

Axion Energy says supermarkets and cold-storage facilities must run their refrigeration equipment even during the peak electricity hours of the afternoon and that its technology offers the ability to shift multiple hours of cooling baseload.

The Refrigeration Battery stores refrigeration by freezing a tank of water with common additives at night when electricity is inexpensive. Then, it uses the frozen tanks to provide cooling during afternoon peak hours when electricity is expensive, enabling compressors and condensers to be turned off. The Refrigeration Battery is a non-invasive, plug-and-play retrofit that doesn’t require modifications to existing refrigeration systems.

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