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Smart Meters Might Disrupt WiFi

smart meter energy manageA blogger at Smart Data Collective says electric smart meters rolled out by utilities may cause interference with WiFi.

A Zigbee device within each smart meter sends a ping about every 30 seconds to communicate with other smart meters in the vicinity, creating a mesh network. If a WiFi router is set on or near the same channel as the Zigbee signal, the WiFi can be disrupted.

WiFi routers are 2.4ghz and on channel 6 or 9, says Smart Data Collective, adding that Zigbee especially causes problems for WiFi on channel 6. Changing the channel on the WiFi router to 1 or 11 significantly helps the problem.

Consumers have found lots of things to complain about when it comes to smart meters, including invasion of privacy and causing fires.

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One thought on “Smart Meters Might Disrupt WiFi

  1. ALL Non-Ionizing ( cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, SMART METERS, Power-lines ) emit RADIATION which is now a Class 2B Carcinogen by the WHO – World Health Organization. Class 2B is compared to DDT, LEAD, CHLOROFORM and ASBESTOS. Wi-Fi, who cares!!! It is just as dangerous with cumulative radiation. The more received, the more CELL or DNA DAMAGE!! WAKE UP SHEEPLES!! Smart Meters emit PULSED Radiation 24/7. 1 meter can transmit up to 5 miles, 1 collector unit ( arterial streets ) can emit up to 125 Square miles, thus blanketing our city in RF RADIATION!!

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