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5710 Mellon Road, Export, Pennsylvania, USA 15632
Phone: 724-387-3200
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FS-Elliott is a global leader in the engineering and manufacturing of oil-free, centrifugal compressors with operations in over 90 countries. Building on a 50-year tradition of excellence, FS-Elliott combines an unwavering commitment to quality with the desire for advancing technology to bring value to our customers, allowing them to increase their productivity and lower system operating costs. For more information, please visit

Your Guide to the Benefits of Centrifugal Compressors

Small gains in cost and productivity can lead to very positive impacts in industrial manufacturing plants. These small gains are what maintenance and reliability professionals seek to make their day-to-day routines less challenging. During the process of reviewing options for delivering compressed air, in some cases, centrifugal compressors are overlooked due to the initial capital investment. What many in the industry are unaware of is that centrifugal compressors can pay back several times their initial capital costs from maintenance and energy savings alone. Knowing and applying the overall benefits of centrifugal compressors can be a successful method for reducing the overall plant costs involved in supplying compressed air.

The Hidden Costs of Air Compressor Operation

Many manufacturers are unaware of hidden costs of operating their compressed air system. Could this be you? With all capital equipment purchases, the initial cost is not the only expense to consider. Often there are associated costs that are not always apparent at the time of purchase that can significantly affect operational budgets. Therefore, when selecting an air compressor, it is critical to understand the life-cycle costs associated with the unit. “The Hidden Costs of Air Compressor Operation” white paper will: - Review the life-cycle costs of operating an air compressor, including how to calculate the costs of your current system. - Explain hidden costs not apparent at the time of purchase and why these costs should be considered. - Examine how one company used this process to save money while providing a reliable, quality air source.

Industrial Air Compressors

FS-Elliott’s industrial air compressors combine over 50 years of operational and design experience in an extremely reliable, energy efficient, cost-effective package. They are ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified to deliver 100% oil-free air to suit a broad range of applications. FS-Elliott’s industrial compressors range from 250 hp to 3000 hp in two and three-stage configurations that deliver up to 150 psig (10.5 barg) discharge pressure.

Engineered Air Compressors

FS-Elliott’s engineered compressor series combines over 50 years of operational and design experience in a highly robust, uniquely easy to maintain package. They suit a broad range of applications, with models ranging from 190 kW to 3,700 kW or 250 hp to 5,000 hp in one, two, three and four-stage configurations that deliver up to 23.1 barg or 150 psig discharge pressure. Every unit in FS-Elliott's engineered series is ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified to deliver 100% oil-free air.

Compressor Control Systems

FS-Elliott offers a broad range of compressor control systems from standard, easy to use panels to highly configurable, engineered control systems. Despite the sophistication of this technology, FS-Elliott transforms compressor control into an intuitive experience with touch screen displays that simulate application-based computing.

Desiccant Dryers

FS-Elliott desiccant dryers combine efficiency, reliability, and innovation making them the best value in the industry. Our dryers are built specifically for your application and are ideal when you demand clean, dry air entering your process at all times.

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