‘Where Can I Go to See an ISO 50001 Implementation in My Industry Sector?’

A lot of energy managers say to me, “ISO 50001 is expanding fast but it’s new to me. I have to get ISO 50001 for my company. Where can I go to see an ISO 50001 implementation near to me in my industry sector?”

For example, an automotive component manufacturer might want to see ISO 50001 in another automotive company. The problem is that there are only a few hundred ISO 50001 certifications in the world so far. It is therefore unlikely that you will find an ISO 50001 certificate in your sector close to you.

Normally, I recommend the energy manager set aside the issue of industry sector and visit any local organization that has ISO 50001. Why do I recommend that?

Management Practices Are Common across All Sectors

In more than 30 years of energy management across industrial and building sectors in North America and Western Europe, I have found the same management issues determine whether or not you have good energy practices. It is the same whether you are a food company, a paper company or a metal manufacturing company. ISO 50001 focuses on ensuring good management practice on topics such as:

  • Management commitment to energy efficiency
  • Project prioritization
  • Clear energy plans
  • Motivation and training of staff
  • Auditing of energy and management practices
  • Clear processes and work practices
  • Monitoring & targeting
  • Employee suggestion schemes

Overcoming Technical Differences between Sectors

As you go from one industry sector to another, the key differences are on technical topics such as:

  • Energy review
  • Significant energy users (SEUs)
  • Energy performance indicators (EnPIs)

A technical energy analysis in an automotive plant is very different from a paper processing operation. Good sector specific knowledge of energy balancing is required here. However, in your role as energy manager, you have already carried out energy efficiency projects. The good news is that you (or your energy consultant) already have the required technical knowledge which is immediately transferable to an ISO 50001 program.

For an experienced energy manager, the introduction of ISO 50001 probably requires about 20 percent effort in technical energy matters and about 80 percent in management system effort. It is therefore very valuable to visit any site that has ISO 50001 – even if they are not in your industry sector. You can learn from their experience of management systems and add that to your existing knowledge of the technical aspect of energy management. Food companies can learn from energy supply companies, paper companies can learn from automotive companies, and so on.

Paul F. Monaghan, Ph.D., is CEO of Enerit. Paul is a 30-year veteran of energy management throughout North America and Western Europe. As Enerit CEO, he is responsible for setting the strategic direction of Enerit energy software products. Enerit is focused on developing innovative IT and Software services for energy management and in particular systematic energy management based on the international standards in energy management ISO 50001. Enerit is the first company in the world to provide comprehensive software for large energy users to implement the ISO 50001 standard. It is the only systematic energy management solution that helps its users convert energy information into dynamic integrated organisation-wide action plans to get teams working together to drive down energy costs.

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6 thoughts on “‘Where Can I Go to See an ISO 50001 Implementation in My Industry Sector?’

  1. Perfectly agree with Paul and his explanation.
    Here in UAE, similar queries are asked. Moreover, mostly people are superficially aware of ISO 50001, and unable to convince their top management in my humble opinion.
    Paul can you enlighten us the the Enerit software energy products.
    Sunil N Kanal
    CTO & Director

  2. This reply is to jefferson Thomas.
    When I was in Chicago last week, I heard about this company offering some electronic tools for assessment and learning about ISO 50001. You could try this URL link
    If that does not work, then try some of your local Certification Agencies who run training courses on the topic.

  3. Sunil, Thank you for your comments. On your first point, yes it is not always easy to persuade top management of the value of ISO 50001. Sometimes when they see the word “ISO”, they think bureaucracy. However, the reality is that the best energy investment is in an ISO 50001 approach. They will get up very fast return on investment (often without capital investment) through all the low-cost and no-cost savings that they make. We have some case studies (including one coming up for Egypt soon) available that might help to persuade.
    On your second question regarding Enerit software, I think I should not be making a sales pitch on this site but, if you contact me through LinkedIn or through the Enerit website, I will be able to get information to you off-line about that. I look forward to the contact. Paul

  4. Is ISO Internal Auditor functions a technology/engineering specialisation.
    Or can it be useful to a non technical knowledge base individuals who are into Sustaiinable Consultancy in ISO 5001?

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