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Just the Facts: 8 Popular Misconceptions about LEDs & ControlsLEDs have unique and compelling characteristics that make them ideal for a broad range of general lighting applications, from industrial and commercial to residential. But there are a variety of misconceptions about LEDs, how well they work, how long they last, and more. Download this brief white paper, 8 Popular Misconceptions about LEDs & Controls, to discover the facts and address some common misunderstandings.Digital Lumens
How Tracking/Managing Energy Consumption Drives Real Cost SavingsThe spacious, expansive nature of the warehouse or distribution center makes it a prime candidate for managing energy consumption and cutting costs, helping companies achieve their corporate sustainability and environmental goals. While most organizations acknowledge the potential benefits of reducing energy consumption, and a good portion measure usage across various systems, numerous obstacles stand between these firms and the path to significant cost savings, many of them internal hurdles. Download the white paper by Peerless Research Group to learn more about the importance of lighting and energy management to maximize savings.Digital Lumens
Your Guide to the Benefits of Centrifugal CompressorsSmall gains in cost and productivity can lead to very positive impacts in industrial manufacturing plants. These small gains are what maintenance and reliability professionals seek to make their day-to-day routines less challenging. During the process of reviewing options for delivering compressed air, in some cases, centrifugal compressors are overlooked due to the initial capital investment. What many in the industry are unaware of is that centrifugal compressors can pay back several times their initial capital costs from maintenance and energy savings alone. Knowing and applying the overall benefits of centrifugal compressors can be a successful method for reducing the overall plant costs involved in supplying compressed air.FS-Elliott
The Hidden Costs of Air Compressor OperationMany manufacturers are unaware of hidden costs of operating their compressed air system. Could this be you? With all capital equipment purchases, the initial cost is not the only expense to consider. Often there are associated costs that are not always apparent at the time of purchase that can significantly affect operational budgets. Therefore, when selecting an air compressor, it is critical to understand the life-cycle costs associated with the unit. “The Hidden Costs of Air Compressor Operation” white paper will: - Review the life-cycle costs of operating an air compressor, including how to calculate the costs of your current system. - Explain hidden costs not apparent at the time of purchase and why these costs should be considered. - Examine how one company used this process to save money while providing a reliable, quality air source. FS-Elliott
The QEHS Guide to Operational ExcellenceAs companies grow, efficiency and consistent execution of operations often become the defining factor in sustaining growth and profitability. Modeling other market leaders, many companies implement operational excellence programs designed to uncover inefficiencies for improved performance. One problem commonly revealed is the negative impact of managing quality and environmental health and safety (EHS) in separate “silos.” This white paper will investigate why integrating quality and EHS is key to achieving operational excellence, and provide practical tips for using technology to promote operational excellence objectives.EtQ
An Insider’s Guide to Selecting an Environmental Health and Safety Management Software SystemIn today's dynamic and demand-driven market, the need to implement enterprise technology to keep pace with rapidly evolving operational, production and compliance environments is key to success. With a high demand and a large vendor landscape, it sometimes becomes difficult to discern which systems provide the greatest value and guarantee a successful implementation. In this white paper, learn about best practices when selecting a software vendor, pitfalls to avoid, and specific considerations when selecting an enterprise EHS solutionEtQ
EHS Risk Management Guidebook: A Practical How-To GuideAcross many industries, problems with collaboration and data analysis present roadblocks to effective risk management. Common difficulties include ineffective cross-departmental collaboration, disparate data systems that don’t talk to each other and inefficiency of archaic systems. This guidebook will provide a practical approach to EHS risk management from a technology perspective, and look into how companies can use technology to reduce risk and improve EHS outcomesEtQ
The EHS Guidebook: Selecting, Implementing, and Using EHS Software SolutionsCompanies are standardizing their Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) initiatives to protect the workplace and environment, as well as ensure customers' trust and compliance with regulations of every market. In this ebook you will learn the top best practices when choosing an EHS Software, and how to integrate your EHS with a Quality Management System.EtQ
Strategies for a Successful EHS&S Software SelectionAs a sponsor of the report, Enablon is proud to provide you with a complimentary copy of the new National Association of Environmental Management's (NAEM) guide on the best practices & strategies for a successful EMIS software selection.Enablon
Approaches to Managing EHS&S DataNAEM’s latest research report provides a unique behind-the-scenes look at the different approaches companies are using to manage their EHS&S data. Through case studies and interviews with in-house EHS&S leaders you’ll learn about the challenges they faced, how they solved their specific business problems and the lessons they learned along the way.Enablon
eBook: Five Key Considerations for Integrating Renewables into Your Procurement StrategyIncorporating Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) can optimize your energy strategy for cost efficiency, reliability, security, and reducing your organizations environmental impact - but the benefits can vary significantly. Learn how to assess the benefits of DERs with five key considerations. Download this guide to help you consider whether DERs are right for your organization, when to make the investment, and how to make a strong business case for DERs.Ecova, Inc.
2016 Energy and Sustainability Predictions Findings from Facilities ProfessionalsGain specific insight into how Facility Managers are prioritizing energy, water, and waste efficiency initiatives in response to current market conditions by downloading this new report.Ecova, Inc.
Video: Expense & Data Management for Complex PayablesFor multi-site companies, managing complex bills like energy, telecom, water and waste can be challenging. These bills are more complex than others, but are also ripe with savings opportunities if managed correctly. Watch this short video to learn about how Ecova’s Expense and Data Management solution for complex payables can reduce costs and set your organization up for long-term success.Ecova, Inc.
eBook: Utility Bill Data – Accounts Payable’s Secret Weapon for Managing Costs and Addressing Stakeholder QuestionsUtilities are one of the top three operating expenses for multi-site companies, often trailing only labor and materials. Data from utility bills offer a true opportunity to control costs—and you hold the key. Download this eBook to learn how to unlock the enormous value hidden in the thousands of bills you receive each month from your local providers.Ecova, Inc.
There’s Money in the TrashHow Multi-Site Businesses Have Turned Taking Out the Trash From Cost Center to Profit GeneratorEcova, Inc.
Best Practice Guide to Maximize ROI of Energy Management SystemsThis guide will share best practices and recommendations for the optimization of EMS performance and proven suggestions that extend its overall life and value to your organization. We will address the most common reasons for EMS system failure, and we will make recommendations for the resolution of these issues through a properly executed System Management Program.Ecova, Inc.
Video: Continuous Monitoring & Management ServiceWatch this short video to learn how Ecova’s Continuous Monitoring & Management service helps clients manage energy consumption and maintenance activities for optimal system performance, ensuring that critical business systems—such as HVAC, lighting, controls and refrigeration systems—function properly while maintaining a comfortable environment. You’ll also get an inside look at Ecova’s 24/7/365 Operations Control Center (OCC) which is staffed with building specialists trained in HVAC, lighting, refrigeration and Energy Management Systems (EMS).Ecova, Inc.
Your Facilities Hidden Value: 10 Benefits of Monitored Facilities Your Business Should ConsiderBased on key results from our clients, Ecova has identified the top ten ways our comprehensive continuous monitoring solution provides our clients with hidden value from their facilities.Ecova, Inc.
Operationalizing EHS Management: Bridge the Gap from Strategy to ExecutionIn this LNS Research eBook you will learn how you can achieve Operational Excellence by aligning people, process, and technology. Specifically, the eBook explores: People (leadership, executive participation, employee engagement, management review), Process (compliance obligations, risk management, audits, lifecycle analysis), and Technology (process, standardization, operational control, metrics, reporting, monitoring).LNS Research
Choosing the Correct Emission Control TechnologyIncreasingly stringent clean air standards and heightened concerns over greenhouse gas emissions are driving technology enhancements in manufacturing and throughout industry. The air pollution control landscape is changing for these manufacturers and those that adapt are seeing the environmental and economic benefits but many questions still remain. Here are some of the straightforward answers.Anguil Environmental Systems
Four Key Questions to Ask Before Your Next Energy PurchaseHow can you be sure your supply agreement reflects the best possible price on the market, with terms that align with your broader financial goals? Read this eBook to learn four basic—but critical—questions to ask before your next energy contract is up.EnerNOC, Inc.
Practical Guide to Transforming Energy Data into Better BuildingsIn this eBook Lucid and Urjanet define 8 essential steps to centralizing building data so you can discover new insights and implement changes that drive results. We believe the heart of intelligent buildings is data. Let us show you how to discover it and utilize it for success.Lucid
Energy Efficiency Playbook - Your Guide to Smarter Energy Management and SavingsStarting an energy efficiency program or looking for ways to optimize your current program? Leverage energy management strategies recommended by ENERGY STAR and used by leading organizations. In this playbook, you'll find recommendations on how to get started in three easy-to-understand phases. Get started today!Lucid
201 Sustainability Outlook ReportThe 2017 Sustainability Outlook Report summarizes the views of over 100 surveyed sustainability professionals as they look at sustainability in 2017 and beyond. In the report, we were encouraged to see that overall organizations plan to continue focus on sustainability and are undaunted by deregulation and defunding signaled by the Trump administration. Get the full report to see how peers feel in relation to: - What motivates organizational sustainability - How Trump's administration will affect budget - Key sustainability metrics - The 1-2 year industry outlook for sustainabilityLucid
Intelligent Buildings and the Impact of the Internet of ThingsWill IoT and intelligent buildings impact your job in 2017? 2017 will be a pivotal year for IoT and intelligent buildings according to the Continental Automated Building Association's (CABA) new study, Intelligent Buildings and the Impact of the Internet of Things. Energy, facilities, operations and building managers tell us it's crucial to understand how IoT data affects their job. This eBook is designed to help you evaluate your current status and create a roadmap for the future.Lucid
Practical Guide to Transforming Energy Data into Better BuildingsIn this eBook Lucid and Urjanet define 8 essential steps to centralizing building data so you can discover new insights and implement changes that drive results. We believe the heart of intelligent buildings is data. Let us show you how to discover it and utilize it for success.Lucid
Top 10 Steps for a Successful EMIS Project Leaders at large enterprises know that gathering and disseminating information about environmental, health, and safety performance can lead directly to improved financial performance. Smart companies use a standardized, enterprise-wide environmental management information system (EMIS) to manage their environmental and sustainability information. This report will help companies follow the steps that will increase their likelihood of success down the road.Sphera Solutions
10 Things you Need to Know about EPA R-22 PhaseoutThe US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the R-22 allocations for production and import, reducing to a 4 million pound "trickle" by 2020.Sphera Solutions
Drive Operational Excellence with Compliance Assurance See how your peers manage EHS compliance, including Alcoa, Kinder Morgan, KNPC, Koppers, Public Service Enterprise Group and PSC Industrial Outsourcing.Sphera Solutions
10 Ways to Minimize Product Compliance Risks There are many benefits to a successful product compliance program.Sphera Solutions
Benchmark your environmental performance relative to your peers. Learn more about how ADGAS, Cenovus, Centerpoint Energy, Duke Energy, Eagle Rock, Eastern Municipal Water, Santee Cooper and Chevron achieve superior results through environmental performance management.Sphera Solutions
eBook: Driving Visibility and Harmonization in EHS PracticesToday, compliance demands continue to swell, yet too many companies assess compliance with either a reactive or a just-a-part-of-doing-business approach.Sphera Solutions

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